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The art and power of the spoken word is powerful. Reverend Karen Joy Gifford, a professional practitioner of the Science of Mind for over seven years, is now expressing her ministry as Wings of Prayer. Rev. Karen's vision is:

Revealing the Power and Peace of praying together.

This site is an expression of my vocational ministry Wings of Prayer. My Vision for this Ministry is revealing the Power and the Peace of praying together and it's Purpose is Love. One of the Intentions I have set for this ministry is to make it easy for everyone at anytime to experience the power and peace of Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment, here through the Internet and also on our CD's. This website will have a page where you can go and experience and hear a prayer created for you. The site will have a place where you can fill in a Sacred prayer request and send it to this ministry. We will have a place where you can hear your prayer request if you want, streaming right from this site. Also, we now have a page for the Kalamazoo Michigan Science Of Mind Study Group with streaming video of What is Spiritual Mind Treatment, what is the Science of Mind, and much more. This is a site that will be evolving, one that will serve you and the Christ, which is the divinity within each and everyone.

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